Board Of Mayor And Alderman Sees New Faces

After last Tuesday’s election for the City of Celina Board of Mayor and Alderman, the elected body sees all new and fresh faces.

Luke Collins, gaining the most votes, is to take the mayoral seat.

Mayor Tonya Spears lost, having only 61 votes.

Collins rallied 239 votes, while the second place contender Michael Boles only rallied 131.

In the Alderman race, all three seats were open and available with no incumbent running for a returning seat.

Making up the new Board of Alderman will be Justin “Rooney” Rich, Lester Kenny Westmoreland and Winton Dillon.

According to Clay County Election Administrator Monica Davis, this election cycle saw a slightly below-average turnout.

With Celina’s 988 registered voters, only 433 voted in this election cycle.

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