City Discusses Forming Recreational Advisory Board

The Town of Celina Board of Mayor and Alderman met in regular session last Tuesday night and discussed forming a new Recreational Advisory Board.

Celina Mayor Tonya Spears explained that the board will be made up of five volunteer members of the community.

She said the members would serve as a liaison between the public and the governing body in order to seek out future recreational projects for the city.

“It would be a board to basically do some research and find out what the public would like to have at our recent Donaldson Park,” Spears said. “We got that lease now, and it would be for them to find out what the public would like to see down there.”

She also stated that the board could also locate grants for parks and make recommendations.

“The [Board of Mayor and Alderman] would still have authority, but the Advisory Board would serve as just that,” she said. “They would come and make recommendations to you all.”

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