Aldermen Delay Renewing Solid Waste Contract

The Town of Celina Board of Mayor and Alderman met in regular session last Tuesday and delayed the renewal of contract for the use of a landfill.

Mayor Tonya Spears informed the alderman that the city’s lone truck is currently out of commission, which raised the question—would outsourcing through a waste management company be a cheaper option?

The rate for the city to use the landfill is currently $35, but will increase to $45. The city has until March 31 to negotiate and lock in a price for the new contract with a length of service to be determined.

“The update on the trash truck is they pulled the old motor and the new motor should have been probably set in today,” Spears said. “They foresee possibly having that for us in the next few days for us. It needs a pressure plate for the clutch and there is front in issues.”

According to Spears, it is costing the city over $19,000 to fix the truck and more than $16,000 in labor.

She informed the alderman that outsourcing may be a cheaper option; however, she will negotiate the current contract to fulfill the board’s wishes.

Alderman Bruce Rhoton said he wants to see if using city employees for trash pick up would be a cheaper option than contracting an outside company.

“So, what we need to do is find out what we are currently paying our payroll,” Rhoton said. “Do an analyses including this with the increase versus what he quoted and see where we are at.”

Spears expressed the solid waste contract has been up for discussion since August; however, when scheduling a work session to resolve the issues no one attended.

“We have actually been talking about this since August, but now we’re at this point,” Spears said. “We could have negotiated that contract or I can try to negotiate this contract… Here we are now. We have to figure out what we’re going to do now.”

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