Additional Funds Allocated For Volunteer Fire Depts.

Clay County Commissioners met in regular session last Monday and discussed funding of the local Volunteer Fire Departments.

At last Monday’s meeting County Mayor Dale Reagan informed of the hardships the local departments have experienced over the last year because of lack of funding due to COVID-19.

“In the past year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the fire departments and the rescue squad have not been able to have any functions for fundraising purposes,” Reagan said.

The county generally allocates $2,500 in funding to each of the eight volunteer departments annually and the rest of the departments’ funding is raised through various fundraising events held by each department.

In addition to the $2,500, the county voted to allocate an additional total of $36,000 to be divided among each organization as a $4,000 one-time contribution to assist with operational expenses.

“It’s getting hard on them, because they’ve got to continue to keep fuel in those trucks, they got to keep heat to those buildings. Then, any kind of breakdowns or anything like that they have, they’ve got to have funding to help do that,” Reagan said. “I know they’ll appreciate all of that.”

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