Macon County Day Of Hope To Be Held

Sometimes the trials in life hit us so hard that it feels like we are drowning. It may even seem unfair that the troubles come wave after wave, so quickly that we don’t even have time to catch our breath before the next one hits. These are the times that we may be tempted to question whether God is really there, listening to our prayers and pleas for help. However, the sweet truth of it is that, often times, these are the periods of life in which God produces the most growth in our lives, spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically. When we have no choice but to keep walking through the fire, we may be surprised by the warrior that comes out on the other side.

This is true of the family of Jazmyn White, a family from Lafayette who has faced more than their fair share of trials recently. Jazmyn was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of eight after a knot appeared in her calf. She immediately began treatment for the cancer, bravely facing 42 weeks of chemotherapy, four weeks of radiation, surgery to remove what was left of the tumor, followed by more chemotherapy. “I felt sick a lot,” Jazmyn explains with a feisty smile. “But now I’m going to be a cheerleader!”

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